1993 – Born in Istanbul/Turkey
2011 – Middle East Technical University, Industrial and Product Design Bachelor’s
2015 – Pasabahce Design Awards, First Place
2017 – Ozora Music & Arts Festival, “Arjin”
2018 – Istanbul Technical University, Game and Interaction Design Master’s, Pending
2019 – Mixer Art Gallery, “Displacement” – Blended
2019 – Daire  Artist Residency Program, Mardin
2019 – Mona Art Gallery, “Impossibilities”
2020 – Sonar Music & Technology Festival, “Chronosphere Live AV Performance”
2020 – [have] A NICE DAY/PARTY, “Selfie01”, “This is not the end”
2020 – Mixer Art Gallery, “Through the slit” – Art on Screen
2020 – Metaspace Art Gallery, “Displacement”, “Throught the slit” – Simulakra

Hello, I’m a multidisciplinary designer/artist, currently working with DECOL New Media Studio. I work on personal and commissioned projects, mainly focused on new media art and real-time visualization.

I have interest in understanding the concept of time and space; the relationship between the present as where we are and the future as ahead of us.

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